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Infrastructure Development

Program Management:

BRAKKAM and its associates assist airports in the management and  execution of airport capital improvement programs (CIP), including the design, structuring of finance, construction and/or quality control of new or expanded facilities. Separately, BRAKKAM may also provide strategic guidance on the development, management and monitoring of diversity programs that ensure the successful participation by local, minority and women-owned companies in airport capital/construction projects.


Operational Readiness, Activation and Transition (ORAT):

The BRAKKAM leadership possesses extensive experience in the opening of new airport facilities and understands well the complexity of ensuring that a multitude of systems and operations all work as intended on the opening day of any newly constructed facility; the industry is fraught with the memory of failed and embarrassing  openings that made global headlines. At BRAKKAM, we believe that the key to such success is the development and engagement of an ORAT team from the commencement of the design phase; constant stakeholder engagement throughout the construction phase; quality control of systems during construction; and upon the completion of construction, rigorous testing and training of systems and personnel respectively.


Public/Private Partnerships:

BRAKKAM is uniquely qualified to assist companies in the pursuit of partial or full privatization of airport facilities, including the development of air cargo, parking and airport ancillary facilities such as hotels, as well as comprehensive concession agreements to finance, design, build and operate entire airport facilities.

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