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Business Development

Commercial Development – Building Non-Aeronautical Revenue:

With its extensive expertise in airport commercial operations, including food, beverage, duty-free and duty-paid retail, advertising, business-services, parking and car rental concessions, BRAKKAM is uniquely qualified to assist airports in building Non-aeronautical Revenue. From training to implementation, and oversight, BRAKKAM tailors its services to reflect the particular characteristics of an airport – airport design; gating; number of passengers; passenger culture, demographics, and air service route network to promote optimal experiences for airport guests and maximize its development of non-aeronautical revenue.

Air Service Development:

With nearly thirty years of consistently developing and directing robust Air Service Development programs, the BRAKKAM leadership and its associates have a proven track record of reversing declining passenger and air cargo traffic at airports, and establishing sustainable growth well above forecasts and industry averages. Key to this success has been a requisite forging of partnerships between an airport and its local and regional economic development stakeholders including airlines, tourism and trade development partners and associations in both the public and private sectors.

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