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Developing and cultivating strategic partnerships across the world.


Integral Group, LLC


Integral Group, LLC is a pioneering real estate development company that leaves lasting positive impacts in communities through projects that include urban revitalization, infill development, smart growth, and public/private partnerships. Prior to forming the Integral Group, its founder and President Egbert Perry, served for many years as president of one of the nation’s top airport construction companies, as well as a top airport food and beverage concessionaire. The firm is committed to creating and/or repurposing real estate to create environmentally, socially and economically sustainable projects and communities for today and well into the future. In addition to socially responsible real estate projects, Integral’s Community Development division undertakes people-centered community transformations – not simply transactions.  This unique vision was first put on display in Atlanta through Integral’s work as Manager of the Joint Venture that partnered with the Atlanta Housing Authority (AHA) to plan and implement the revitalization of the site of the nation’s first public housing project. Integral’s Commercial Real Estate division seeks to identify, enhance and capture value through the development and redevelopment of market-rate, mixed-use real estate in high density, ethnically-diverse urban communities. These projects encompass a mix of property types, including residential, retail, office and hospitality in selected high-barrier, urban markets.

Pendleton Group, LLC


Pendleton Group, LLC was founded in 2009 and is comprised of seasoned experts and accomplished professionals that assist businesses and government entities in the areas of:

  • Business Growth Strategies

  • Partnership Development

  • Business Matchmaking

  • Economic development

  • Expanding Global Markets

  • Sponsorship development

  • International Site Development

  • Ethics and Government Compliance

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