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Organizational Development

Strategic Plans:

With their continuous need to maintain the highest levels of safe, secure, and service-excellence operations, coupled with a constant renewal or expansion of facilities and the corresponding demand for large sums of capital infusion, today’s airport leaders are embracing Strategic Planning as an essential tool to ensure that policies, procedures, organization structure, talent acquisition and placement, are all aligned and focused toward a common set of goals and objectives; all “pulling in the same direction”.

The BRAKKAM leadership has a proven record of developing and implementing Strategic Plans that become “living, breathing” documents and tools that are part of the fiber of the day-to-day, month-to-month, and year-to-year airport operation. The key to this success is the ability to clearly delineate the role and contribution of each employee to the accomplishment of the Plan and a complete alignment of goals with performance evaluations.


Organizational Structure, Training and Transitional Management:

BRAKKAM assists clients to develop the most effective organizational structure to optimize the flow of communication and maximize the potential for achievement of goals and objectives. Correspondingly, BRAKKAM also provides training, as well as interim in-house, upper management services and talent to ensure orderly transitions to new permanent organization structures and leadership.


Staff Assessment, Training and Professional Development:

BRAKKAM conducts analyses to provide an independent assessment of staffing and leadership needs, congruent with each organization’s strategic plan. Where gaps are identified, BRAKKAM also provides training and advice on skill/knowledge enhancement and leadership development.

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